Thursday, July 25, 2013

Journal set up & Table of Contents

Journal set up!!! I began this journal with my classroom rule. I use Whole Brain Teaching. There are 5 simple rules. You can read more about Whole Brain Teaching here. Then I added the table of Contents. It takes up pages 2-4. Then on the 5th page I added classroom contact info. I use a website inside my classroom, it has links for the students to use outside of class, you can contact me through it, and there is a blog that is ran by the class. My Website

I have attached the table of contents for my interactive journal. It is designed to use ALL pages in a composition notebook. I will post pictures of my notebook throughout this process. The idea of using all the pages is the Left page is for the information - the CONCRETE items. Definitions, labels, copies of classroom anchor charts. The Right side is the created side: pictures, the "I can" statements and any thing else the student takes away from the lesson.

I use Dropbox for all my info. The folder and pictures will be public for those following the blog.

Thanks and Enjoy Journaling!!!

Classroom Rules'
 Classroom info

Mrs. Alexander 

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